Copy Item Link and Paletro

I’ve started using this tiny and useful app called, Paletro. It technically simulates the behavior of the Cmd+?. However, for some reason, it cannot deduct all menu items all the time. For instance, the Copy Item Link is particularly a tricky one, Paletro sometime can find it and sometimes it cannot. I’m wondering if this has to do with using iCloud, or maybe there is some underlying check in DT before releasing this menu item. To some extend, I noticed this even when I use Cmd+?, sometimes, after finding the menu via search, pressing return doesn’t actually triggers it and I have to access it via the Context Menu.

I’m aware that this might be related to the mentioned app as well, and I contacted them as well, but since this is hit and miss, it makes me wonder if DT has something to do with it.

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Actually it’s just a standard menu item with a shortcut, nothing special about it. Maybe the app is confused by the alternate menu item after pressing the Shift modifier key?

I don’t think that’s the case. I feel something makes it difficult for the app to access it on the first all. For instance, I often notice if I call the app, and search “Copy” I only get the actual copy command, but if I cancel the search and initiate it again right after it, then the “Copy Item Link” appears!

DEVONthink likely would need to have support specifically added.

Perhaps some will be interested to know that there is an Alfred workflow that does exactly that. (And it works).

Thanks, Bernardo_V - I get the error message “menudump cannot be opened” because the developer cannot be verified” …

Try this:

  • Alfred Preferences > Workflows > Right click on Menu Bar Search > Open in Finder > Right click on Menudump > Open

It should now ask for permission.

Muito obrigado! That did it.

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Thanks for posting this link @Bernardo_V - this is a very neat workflow!!!

I wonder if there is a way to implement “copy item link” as a File action in Alfred actually? Maybe you will know!?


@jooz, this will do it.

You are the superman!:slight_smile: This made my day, super helpful workflow :slight_smile:

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