Copy Item Link button in Inspector or Viewer toolbar

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On my research for this topic, I found an interesting solution in this now closed thread.

But I’m just wondering why there is no Copy Item Link or similar button in the Inspector or toolbar already?
Perhaps there are plenty of good reasons, but I’m hoping this can be a feature request?
I find that having tabs open, as well as clicking on links makes navigation in DT3 difficult sometimes.
For example, clicking on a link will have one item open, but the item being displayed in the viewer will be different from the sidebar, and on some occasions the inspector itself.
I see there are keyboard shortcuts as well, but wouldn’t a Copy Item Link button in the inspector or the viewer toolbar (not the main toolbar of DT) be beneficial?

Cheers in advance for your suggestions/comments

Well, basically due to limited space in the already crowded toolbar and inspectors and due to no such requests so far. What exactly do you do with the copied item link afterwards? Maybe copying isn’t even necessary if it’s only used inside DEVONthink.

snakenuts has a point. I copy links all the time, and while the ‘pastes’ are mostly within DT, that usage is not exclusive. (Not sure how copying “isn’t even necessary if it’s only used inside DEVONthink”–how else to put a link into another database?)

Even better than a button would be a command key equivalent–haven’t found a way to do this on on submenus from contextual menu items…

Where exactly do you insert it? If it’s in another document, then the Insert Link To submenu of contextual menu of the editor might be an option or Cmd-Alt drag & drop.

I use links in RTFs etc as part of my writing notes for social science research. It’s helpful for me to know which documents I’m using/referring to when taking notes on a topic page, and even what topics I’ve written about using that document/resource (eg journal article pdf).

I understand the toolbar is crowded, but seeing as though its customisable, each user could decide if they want to include it or not, so at least having the option would be beneficial for many. Also, in the inspector, there is a field for the file Path with a drop down box. Couldn’t a “Copy Item Link” command be ostensibly put in there?

Thanks for your reasons for not including one, so I guess consider this a request.

I generally paste the link into a document where I’m summarizing particular references to particular people (eg politicians). Similarly, I frequently copy links to a selected paragraph for pasting into a summary (rtf) file. It would be quicker and more convenient if a command key equivalent were available for both these contextual menu choices (also because I must maneuver to the document containing the link).

Specific example: copy link to a document I’ve imported into DT. Maneuver to a “summary” doc (rtf, in my case) where I enter a line “Mr. So and So did this” where “this” is the word where I’ll paste the link.

I also use this feature for exactly the same purpose. I construct, over time, lengthy rtf documents with lots of links to countless pdf files across multiple databases. I use both document linking aa well as linking to specific pages. Extremely powerful.

Did you already have a look at the Annotations & Reminder inspector and its popup menu to insert links or quotes?

Yes, and I often use it when I need an rtf annotation for a given document, using the template I developed with Nisus Writer Pro.

But I’m not sure what you’re driving at, so I’ll phrase my request a different way: I’d just like to have a keyboard shortcut to copy a document’s DT link that I can then quickly paste where needed. In fact, it would be great to be able to assign shortcuts on contextual menus/submenus in general–I have not figured out a way to do that.


Actually Edit > Copy Item Link has a shortcut by default. But keyboard shortcuts can also be added/changed via System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts but only for items available in the main menu.

Not sure how I missed that existing shortcut. Thanks again.

Like 3865, I only just found that Edit > Copy Item Link shortcut as well. Thank you for that.
But, for my own workflow preferences, I think having a button on the tool bar or inspector would be valuable for its smooth accessibility.

Unfortunately, the command “Copy Selection Link” appears to be available only from a contextual submenu, which can be a clumsy selection process. Perhaps some consideration could be given to providing keyboard equivalents to contextual menu items that don’t appear in the menu bar, or an “edit menu bar” option to allow putting these commands not typically shown outside a mouse-driven contextual menu on the main menu bar somewhere.

Edit > Copy Item Link should be actually renamed depending on the current document/selection/page etc.

Maybe not many people will want to go through the rigmarole, but it is possible to create one’s own solutions using a few utilities, such as BetterTouchTool, CustomShortcuts and Keyboard Maestro.

I can’t remember all the hot keys in the programs I use, so I use BTT and KM to bring up a palette with some of them. Not my idea, I hasten to add. Credit goes to Alexander: Pallets & Sub-Pallets Make KM So Easy To Use - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse. I just swipe to the right and this palette appears:

CleanShot 2023-05-20 at 08.16.49

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I have not had success using KB Maestro to assign shortcuts to contextual menu items, but only items on the main menu bar (including submenus). Please provide a specific example if you’ve ben able to assign any sort of shortcut to a contextual menu item, and also a (contextual) submenu item. Thanks.

The functionality currently doesn’t change either: “Edit > Copy Item Link” provides only a link to the whole document regardless of whether how the document is selected (open in a DT window or selected as a list item), or if just a paragraph is selected. However, if a paragraph is selected, the contextual menu “Copy Selection Link” is available (as is “Edit > Copy Item Link” on the menu bar). Using admittedly simple tests, I verified the above.

You’re right, it’s actually an improvement of the upcoming version 3.9.1. Sorry :slight_smile:

I don’t use the contextual menu that often, so I’d never noticed that KM is limited in that respect. In fact, I’d never really noticed that there are items in the contextual menus that are not in the main menus (apart from services, which are editable to some degree). There is a little utility called Paletro (Paletro — Command Palette in any applications) which might be helpful, but I’ve no idea if it can access the contextual menu. I don’t use it much.