Copy Item Link in context menu

It appears that not everyone is aware of, or using, the amazingly helpful “Copy Item Link” option. Why not put it in the context menu that pops up when a document is selected?
This would have 2 advantages:
(1) a usability advantage (because if you select an item with the pointer gadget (Touchpad or Mouse), you don’t have to go looking for the Edit Menu to get that option, and
(2) a educational advantage, inasmuch as more people would see the option there and begin to experiment with it.
I imagine this improvement would be easily implemented.

Another idea would be to assign a keyboard shortcut to this option by default.


Control-Option-Command-C is the default shortcut for Edit > Copy Item Link.

Also including it in context and action menus makes sense; Copy URL is there.

Agreed. I’d like to see it added to the context menu as well.

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