Copy or Clip to DTTG

When I read on my iphone and want to transfer a quote to DTTG, I would select the passage, then Share at which point I have two option: Copy to DTTG or Clip to DTTG. What is the difference?

Clip to DEVONthink allows you to select the destination database, add Tags, etc.
Copy to DEVONthink just clips to the Global Inbox, for a little faster clipping.


No problem.

To take this a bit further, can you clip a document with DTTG to a specific group/folder or only to a databases’ inbox? Seems that you have to go back to DTTG and move documents out of all the inboxes.

I frequently wish we had more choices than clipping to a given database’s inbox. However, I can see the problem – I have lots of levels of hierarchy which would be tricky to navigate in the small clipping window on a phone. Perhaps if “Favorite” groups could be added to the suggested destinations then that would be a compromise?

.Indeed, the limited space presents UI challenges for sure.

Thanks for the suggestion. It’s definitely something that may be a good compromise.