Copy page link and PDF table of contents

There are two functions that I miss in an otherwise great app.

  1. the ability to copy the page link as we can do on the mac version of devonthink. On devonthink to go you can copy a link to the whole document, that is not convenient if you work with multi-page pdfs. You have the option of editing the link by adding ?page= and converting the link to a link to a specific page, but that adds several steps in the process. I understand that this function is difficult to be obtained by the current PDF editing kit. One alternative is in the current function of copy document link to add the option of manually inserting the page number. Not as streamlined as in the desktop version, but still several steps shorter than the current workflow.

  2. the PDF viewer does not have a table of contents view option. This is very limiting and basically requires the opening of the document in a different viewer.

Thank you for your suggestions!