copy page link, table of contents, flip pages, tabs

The macOS DT has a “copy page link” function, which is very helpful with large pdf. I wish I could see that on devonthink to go.
The other missing feature is the table of contents for pdf.
One more thing that I would like to see is to just tap on the side of the page to go to next page, without the “flipping” movement effect, which is very annoying when you want to skim through a large document.
Also, it will be good to have tabs with many open documents.

There is one. Long press a record and choose Copy Item Link in the popup.

I believe the OP is wanting to copy the link to a specific page in a PDF (as is possible with DT on the Mac), not the link to the PDF document.

Yes, I mean to copy a link to a specific page in a PDF. This is a fantastic function of macOS devonthink, but is not available for devonthink to go (yet)

Correct, not (yet).

I would gladly pay big$ for this function on devonthink to go :smiley: