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It appears this thread has not found a solution yet. Copy Page Link - keyboard shortcut?

I understand that a shortcut for Copy Page Link is not possible because it is not present in the main menu, only contextual menu. Is it for this same reason that System References Keyboard Shortcuts also does not work?

Now, why is Copy Page Link any less important than say, Edit - Copy Item link? Actually for research I use this a lot, but so far no such keyboard shortcut.

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Please upload the script, or provide info, for I don’t know how to script. I downloaded the Maestro, but:

  1. How to add "(when DEVONthink Pro is at front) to the “Triggered by any of the…”
  2. How to add the text script inside the AppleScript


Removed; not relevant to the question

The shortcut for Copy Page Link is: Control-Option-Command C

No, Control-Option-Command-C is the shortcut for Edit > Copy Item Link. If the link created with the shortcut opens the PDF on the page that was selected when the shortcut was used, that is happenstance. Sometimes the link will open the page one imagines because that page was the last paged viewed, but that is not a persistent result.

The link created with that shortcut is not a page link.

Here is what a link created with Control-Option-Command-C looks like:


Here is what a link created with Copy Page Link in the contextual menu looks like:


Note the appended “?page=12” that Copy Page Link adds. (Because pages start at zero, “?Page=12” is a link to page 13 of the viewed document.) There is no keyboard shortcut for Copy Page Link.

Easy to test and verify all of the above.

You’re right, I verified this. Thanks for keeping me on the right track.