"Copy Paragraph Link" as script extras?

In the next beta/formal release, I am just wondering if the “Copy Paragraph Link” can be released as script extras in the scripts folder for us to customise the script to our needs?

In my case, I almost have all the codes I need for implementing “copy the selected text and cite back link” for pdf (page link and search url method) and rtf files (search url method), except for the codes to identify and assemble the paragraph link in rtf file. @cgrunenberg is correct that url search string method can produce unstable results particularly when the length of text selection is long. I find that the backlink of “Copy Paragraph Link” is much more stable/consistent than url search string for rtf file (as long as the source file is not heavily edited, the location of the text will still be in close proximity) . I tried to search through the forum for paragraph link related script but without success.

Thank you in advance

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Beta 4 will add a “current line” property (similar to “current page” property). But the Insert Back Link and Insert Quote commands will also support plain/rich text documents.

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This is wonderful news. Thank you.

Just in case that noone noticed this - the “Insert Back Link” command fully supports videos too, e.g. useful for video transcribing etc.