Copy & paste format

most Mac apps with text formatting provide a <copy format> and <paste format>.

I couldn’t find this within DT3 - have I missed it?

** longer**

  • What I had done was create a rich text note using my text and text copied in from various websites into one Note.
  • the formatting varied and I planned to go back and tidy later
  • when evening came parts of the text went to light text on dark background parts remained black on white
  • couldn’t find commands to normalise the text to a coherent style
  • tried converting to various formats. ended up with Markdown (where at least my fingers know how to get it formatted consistently)

There’s Paste and Match Style


If you had used Copy and Match Style in the first place your note would have had a coherent style. But in that case you would have lost any formatting like italics as Copy and Match Style inserts only plain text.

The Script menu has a number of options like Body Normal under Format. The editor pane’s context menu has Font/Styles… and CMD+t launches macOS’ own font picker. All of these options allow to apply one font style, so again italics and such would be gone if you went for a regular font.

So Markdown isn’t the worst choice to make.

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Format > Font > Copy/Paste Font (and there’s also Format > Ruler > Copy/Paste Ruler).

I possibly did this to myself years ago, I can’t remember, so apologies if it’s not a default Mac behaviour, but I have universal options of:

  • cmd+v is paste
  • shift-cmd-v is paste and match style

As these are universal shortcuts I don’t think about them, I use them in all apps.