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I’m a new user and I haven’t seen another thread that might apply here, so my apologies if I have missed it. It seems that if I copy/paste the url from a youtube page that it copies into DT and when opened there two instances of the video play back simultaneously (actually about a half second apart). Can you just not store those pages? Is there something else I’m missing? Any ideas would be appreciated.

hi, just wandering if anyone had any ideas. Do I need a separate app to download from youtube? I really just want the video, but I don’t mind doing a webarchive as long as it isn’t playing the same video twice.


I’m searching for a way to store a youtube video together with the corresponding text information (video title, upload date, description, categories, tags) to make it available offline in DevonThink.

Is there an easy way to do it or to create a script which does it?
I didn’t find any hint in the Manuals or in the forum.

did you find a solution for your problem?

Kind regards


YouTube pages are simple pages that link to an external video source. When you store the URL, we store only that and leave the playback to YouTube.

To store the video file itself you need to actually download it to your computer, e.g. using MacTubes, and store that.

Thanks Eric,

I did not use something like MacTubes before, but I’ve seen on that there are several free applications available for that.

My question:
If I download the youtube video (I assume without the text information) to my hard disk, how would I link it to the text information stored in DevonThink.

That seems a little difficult and double work.

Could there be a way to import the HTML code into DT Pro and automatically link it to the downloaded video file (which also should be imported or at least indexed with the DT database)?

Does anybody else here have a good “workflow” for that?
I plan to download many videos which I want to sort and comment in DT Pro, so usability is important for not loosing time with doing many steps “by hand” each time.


You could go the other way round and make an RTF file in DEVONthink with the annotations and simply drag/paste the YouTube page’s URL into it. This does not store the video in your database but you have it ready when you need it.

And there are browser extensions for downloading YouTube videos; I use this one:

Safari 5: download dei video di YouTube con un’estensione - TheAppleLounge

Thanks for your suggestion, but this is not (yet) what I want.
I do want to have the video available offline on my MacBook.
And I want it to be linked with the rest of the RTF information…

So, sjk’s Safari extension [thank you, sjk!] is already a good start, but at the moment that would mean for each video:

  1. Save text content as RTF to DevonThink Pro with Cmd-Shift-)
  2. Save video as .mp4 to Download directory
  3. Import video in DT Pro Database (or index)
  4. Link video to RTF information by hand?

Is there a(n easy) way to automate that workflow?


You’re welcome, but credit really goes to Carlos Rosquillas and anyone else who actually wrote it. :slight_smile:

You might want to compare it with:

Jonathan is a nerd: YouTube video downloader for Safari 5

I’ve forgotten why I prefer the other.

You could write an AppleScript script that automates these tasks.

Hi Eric,
sounds good, but how could I automate the video Download from youtube with Apple Script?

Is there a way to invoke the Safari Extensions via Apple Script?