Copy reference as direct link (formatting)


I have a problem with the topic “Copy reference”.
The link is copied as text in my case.

If I want to paste this at Evernote, then here this text is not recognized as a link.
If I actually format this link (reference) as a link in Evernote, then “http://” is automatically written in front of it and it does not work.

If I take a detour it works:
I take the app notes and paste the reference there. Directly it is recognized as a link (even with the name of the file in Devonthink).
If I now copy this pasted link it is also as a link in the clipboard.

If I then paste this link in the last step in Evernote, it then also works.

But the detour is too much for me and I would like to do it directly.

Is there a way that the step “Copy reference” is copied directly in the formatting as a link?

many thanks

DEVONthink just copies the URL (plus its name) to the clipboard, everything else is up to receiver. For most apps (e.g. TextEdit, Mail, Preview etc.) this shouldn’t be an issue.

Now the clipboard contains actually rich text or HTML, not a URL anymore.