Copy RTF / page summary into DTP w/ URL

I do a search and then click the pages tab to see the different pages. When I find one I want to add to DevonTHINK, I typically only want to add the summary that DA shows. Saving the HTML will do the whole page, and a link doesn’t get the content, so I tried to select the content I wanted and copy as RTF. Unfortunately if I do that, the RTF in DT doesn’t have a link to the original URL. Is there a way to get the summary content into DT and maintain the source URL?

Sure. Select the content displayed on the Web page and use the keyboard shortcut “Command-)” to use the Service for capture of a rich text note. The page URL will be placed into the new note’s Info panel.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add an Data > Add To DEVONthink > Summary command to the upcoming version 2.5.

Beautiful. You might also consider making the individual items in digest view as well. Actually, just consider treating them as individual items in the first place. Data->Add to DevonTHINK->Rich Text will create a giant text file of the whole list of sites and their summaries…but typically I want to just click on a few and import them. Right now I can select the text, including the URL, and I’m good to go. It doesn’t have the link in the metadata, but if I really cared then I could easily write an apple script to handle that. But I would be interested in having the digest items be treated as individual items, with their summary information + link imported into DTP, just as Pages view items are.

Really glad to hear you’re adding the import Pages view summary!!