Copy selected text to customized metadata

I´m looking for a script - analog to the existing script “add selected text to comment” - to copy a selected text to customized metadata fields, e.g. “company” or “price”.
Unfortunately I have no plan in writing or modify a script.
Many thanks for help

to copy a selected text to customized metadata fields, e.g. “company” or “price”.

Yes, this is likely possible but how would it be defined what custom metadata would would receive the selected text?

I think best would be different scripts, one script for each needed customized data field. For example if I have a receipt:
To fill the “company”-field I select the companies name in the file and choose the script “selected text to company”, then I select the amount/price and choose “selected amount to price” and so on

How many companies would you estimate you’d be dealing with?

That sounds awfully complicated. If you are dealing with mostly the same companies, you could set up a single rule that uses a script to find the data in the documents and adds it automatically to the metadata. Then interaction would only be needed for a few documents, hopefully.

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A simple smart rule could handle this too if it’s a short & known list of companies:


Haha! That’s exactly where I was headed (and why I asked how many company names were anticipated) :stuck_out_tongue: Though I used \1 in my Change action.

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Thanks for the suggestions,

I already use smart rules for a small number of companies. For example, I automatically sort my bank statements when I import them. The rules move the statements to the appropriate groups, mark them as „red" as „to do“, tag them as bank statements, and copy the bank name into the company field. That works fine for me.

Now I’ve thought about managing my invoices, which I’ve been processing with a special program, completely in DT.

The actual app automatically recognizes the company, the invoice amount, customer number, etc. during import and transfers this to the metadata. I currently have several hundred contact details here. I know that DT can’t do it that perfectly, but at least manually that would be an idea.

I used to have these company names in the finder comment, but I don’t like that very much. And I don’t really want to use tags either.