Copy URL to Custom metadata via smart rules?

My idea is simple but I can’t find a way to implement it: I would like to create a smart rules that automatically copies the URL field to my Custom metadata. Is this possible?

Just add the action to change the custom metadata to the rule, afterwards insert the desired placeholders (in this case the URL) via the Insert Placeholder submenu of the contextual menu of the field.

I’m not able to spot the action to change the custom metadata in ruleset.

Schermata 2022-10-10 alle 12.09.03

I’m probably a bit dense here, but where would I find that action?

Each custom metadata has its own Change action, the actions on the screenshot are not related to custom metadata.

From where I can reach the change action in custom metadata? I can’t figure it out.

In the action popup, scroll to the very bottom until you reach the metadata. You’ll only see their names prefixed with change

What is the data type of the custom metadata you’re trying to change?

Thanks. Solved.