Copying an "item link" and pasting into a Markdown doc should create "a proper link"

Right now, if I perform a Copy Item Link and then paste it into an RTF note, I see “a proper link”, i.e. the title of the item, and a link to the underlying item.

If I do the same (i.e. pasting the copied link) into a Markdown note, I see just the raw link (x-devonthink-item://...).

I’m very happy with the enhanced “quality of life” for Markdown notes, but I hope small differences like these will be patched up soon!

We might change this in a future release but lately several users were actually unhappy with e.g. DEVONthink converting automatically rich text to Markdown when pasting. In your case the item links could e.g. also be used for transclusion or images etc.

One workaround is to Cmd-Alt-drag & drop the item into the Markdown document, another one to use the Insert Link To submenu of the contextual menu and yet another one is to use Edit > Insert > Link To… (or its shortcut).

Rich text is a veneer on top of underlying code so pasting into rich text requires different behavior.
Markdown is a raw, plain text format so pasting into it would behave differently. You didn’t copy a Markdown-compliant link when you used *Copy Item Link, so logically it would paste the raw value in plain text.

As Criss mentioned, there are already mechanisms in place to insert Markdown links, as well as the ability to roll your own via AppleScript.

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Thank you, all of these workarounds are great, and exactly what I was looking for!

You’re very welcome…

As with many things in DEVONthink, there are many ways to…

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