Copying several files at once for other use

I often have to compile a series of files for recipients. Is there a way I can quickly copy and paste any selection of several files into another app without having to do this for each file individually?

I’m not sure how much of this depends on DT and how much on the receiving app. If I mark several documents and drop them on Drafts, for example, the result is a Draft which contains the (file system) links to each of those documents. If I do the same with Pages, the drop is rejected as soon as I have more than one document in the drop.

The only way I can come up with is to select the documents you want in DT, select merge from the context menu and then drop the merged file on the app you want to share with. That is assuming you want the whole file dropped. Otherwise, you could highlight what you wanted to share in each document, select all the documents you want to share something from, select *Summarise Highlights" from the Tools menu, and then share the resulting document to the app you want to share the information with.

YMMV depending on what exactly it is you are trying to do (e.g. dropping plain text files to continue working with the ext vs. dropping PDFs to collate)

Thanks for the answer. It’s not about deleting. I compile thematic dossiers. This is then always a number of individual PDF files across my inventory of files in DT. They should then be copied en bloc into a Dropbox folder, for example.

Got you; so the problem is that you can’t select all the files, because they are in different groups or even databases? The only way I can think of doing that would be to use e.g. the flag* as a selector; you would flag each document you wanted to go in the dossier and then open a smart group which displays flagged files only. From there you could select and drag all files at once (and unflag them at the same time).

* or any other marker, such as a label or tag; flagging should be fastest, though - no slower than clicking to mark selected.

OK, this seems to be a reason. I try it and give you a response next days.
Thanks and greets :slight_smile: