COpying tags to new database (w/o copying their documents)

Anyone know if there’s a way to copy the list of all tags from one database into a new one? (Without also copying all the items with those tags attached – which is of course what happens if I literally duplicate a tag in one database to the new one.)
As I put new items into the new database and go to tag them, I’d like to be prompted from the list of tags from the old database (to make sure the two databases use precisely the same tags on all items).
Or is there some way to make a “master list” of tags from which both DB’s would draw for their tagging prompts?

Any help much appreciated…


Its easy to do if you create a reference database containing only tags and no documents. Highlight the tags in the reference database, right click, duplicate to -> select database

Keeping the tags synced to to another database with documents and tags should be fairly easily scriptable. It would be a great use for a triggered script.


The script in this thread Copy data base structure might be useful. Select the tags of the existing database, then run the script. This will create empty copies in the inbox of your database. Finally move the copies to the Tags group of the destination database.

Thanks – That script worked perfectly!