Cornell Notes

Hi all,

I’m trying DTP, and learning by errors. One thing that I cannot still get is how the Cornell Note is supposed to work. The “ordinary” CN has two parallel columns, with the left one reserved to short questions/title/summaries.

In DTP the page is initially set to two columns, but the second columne (the one reserved to extended notes) is not a column, but a test displaced with a tab. When writing more than a line of text, the text reflow not to the second line of the second column, but to the second line of the first column.

What am I doing wrong?


This is a complex template that, for keeping the left and right columns ‘in sync’ requires you to manually break lines and add tabs. We will overhaul it to make it easier to use but the Cornell Notes concept is hard to transfer to RTF.

Hi Eric,

I wonder if tables with hidden borders could be a solution. Writing inside a cell would automatically wrap at the end of the line. Pressing Return could add a new row (instead of a new paragraph), and automatically place the text input cursor in the second column, to give an idea of an ordinary flow.

When you want to add questions/main points in the left column, you can click next to a paragraph start, and type in what is, actually but transparently, the beginning of a cell.


Yes, something like that works, and I use a simple rich text table when I use the Cornell notes format for notes.

Apple’s Cocoa text editor (which DEVONthink uses) doesn’t handle large text blocks inside tables very well and may slow down appreciably.