Corrupted/glitchy DTPO database help!?

My most important database (DTPO v2.3.3; DB properties attached at end of post) has become very glitchy and problematic. Here are the most significant issues, as far as I can tell so far:

I just ran (1) verify & repair and (2) backup & optimize. Both ran fine, except for a bunch (couple hundred) of missing indexed items. But I expected that bc I had been moving stuff around and I knew I had broken a lot of paths. Fixing those is what I had primarily been working on when the DB problems started occurring.

Then tried to run script > export > daily backup archive. This returns the message: “DT Pro: Database is damaged.” So already I feel stuck bc I don’t want to move forward with other troubleshooting ideas until I can make an external archive backup of the DB. I have run Time Machine very recently, though.

Attempts to empty global trash return the prompt: “Empty Trash: Some files are represented on disk. Also remove from disk? This cannot be undone.” This was partly why I started trying to go through indexed documents, to see if i could figure out the culprit of this “Empty Trash” prompt. But that led to running the archive backup script, which in turn led to the “Database damaged” message.

Selecting “Only in database” from the Empty Trash prompt causes DTPO to crash.

Also, perhaps unrelated (?), on opening or restarting DTPO, I get several “database already in use” prompts, but I only run one copy of DTPO on one machine. I did upgrade from DTPO, though, which was still in my applications folder until recently. Could that explain the “already in use” prompt?

So, where should I go from here? Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

DB Properties: