Cost to upgrade from DT3 to DT3 Pro

I currently own DT 2 Pro Office. I love the app and all of its flexibility. However, after a few years with Pro Office, I’m not sure I need the features of Pro. I’m thinking of upgrading to DT3 and living with it for a while to see if I really need Pro. With DT2, there was a discounted upgrade path to Pro and Pro Office. Will the same apply for DT3? If so, would you please share the pricing of this option?


That shows the discount to upgrade from my current DT2 Pro Office license. Are you saying the cost to upgrade from DT3 to DT3 Pro is the same as the difference in the costs for the upgrade to each of these from DT2?

On the Buy page, the cost of DT3 is $99, DT3 Pro is $199. I think that means that if you buy DT and then upgrade to DT Pro, you’ll pay the $100 difference

The price difference based on my account is actually $75. Im hoping that would apply if I buy DT3 now and upgrade to Pro later.

Please know that I’m not complaining about the pricing. I purchased DT2 Pro Office in Nov 2017 and see that the upgrade to DT3 Pro is reasonable if I still need those features. I just figured this would be a good time to be sure I really needed Pro. It may be that playing with the beta for a while could help me decide.

I also want to save some money for the DTTG upgrade that I hope is coming soon. (Know what I mean? Wink,wink, nudge, nudge. :wink:)

I also want to save some money for the DTTG upgrade that I hope is coming soon. (Know what I mean? Wink,wink, nudge, nudge. :wink:)

Let me break your heart a little: It’s not. :stuck_out_tongue:
DEVONthink To Go is on a different development cycle, as all our apps are. Updates will be coming in the future, but “soon” is not what people would want it to mean.

No worries. I was just having a bit of fun.

Understood… and yeah, we’re getting plenty of questions about updates to other apps. Only so many people and hours in the day. Cheers!

I’m also wondering about this, though probably too late.

To clarify, both GadgetComa and I are asking about pricing for the “upgrade-of-the-upgrade” [upgrade from DT3 to DT3 Pro]

I dove in today and bought DT3 Standard. When I look at my account now, the cost it shows to buy DT3 Pro is more than the cost it was showing before I made the upgrade to DT3. I’m hoping this may just be a temporary glitch since most people are not going to be looking for that upgrade at the moment - but if we could get clarity on that, it would be appreciated.

That is actually correct. When you trade-in your DEVONthink Pro Office license you’ll rewarded $75 towards the price of DEVONthink 3 and $99 towards DEVONthink Pro 3. Between the standard and Pro editions you’ll later pay just the price difference. So, yes, jumping from V2 to V3 Standard then to V3 Pro is more expensive than going straight through.

As you just recently purchased feel free to contact us for a refund so you can re-purchase directly the upgrade to DEVONthink Pro 3.

Thank you Eric!