Couldn't the sorter be a menu ?

The title says it all… or close to.

I am wishing for a right-hand icon in the menu bar…


Couldn’ the sorter box close automatically, after say 30 secs or some ?


While i don’t advocate making it a menu, I do agree with this latter suggestion. Together’s Sorter analog – the ‘Shelf’ – closes as soon as focus is taken elsewhere, which seems good to me. Overall (as has been suggested before), I would highly recommend taking a look at Together’s Shelf; it is much more space efficient and aesthetically satisfying that the Sorter. I find the Sorter’s boxes/folders to be needlessly large. I would like to see the boxes being re-nameable, too.

The Sorter will not become a menu, neither in the Dock nor the menubar.

As to renaming, my guess is that you have several Inboxes from different databases. You can rename those in DEVONthink and they will (after a delay) be picked up by the Sorter.

The Sorter is a great addition to DT which is obviously evolving. While it seems clear that it won’t become a menu, I support the idea of it closing after a specified time period. What chance of that? Or could we at least at least close it by clicking on the tab rather than hunting for the minus sign?

This is why it is handy to read the release notes between beta releases (through the Help > Release Notes):

Quite right, Annard – I hadn’t read the release notes and posted when clicking the sorter tab didn’t work on my machine for some reason.