Craigslist plugins

Has anyone written any Craigslist plugins? I’d like to search Craigslist for certain cities near me with DEVONagent.

Thanks for any help.

You could probably write a plugin for it but the plugin would be restricted to a single city. You would there for need multiple plugins If you want to search more then one city. If you wanted to search them all at once just put them all in a search set. I can try to make a cookie cutter craiglist plugin over the weekend.

Another option is to use third party software to search craigslist.

That’s what I had in mind (one plugin for each city). Thank you for your offer to put something together. I will eagerly and appreciatively test whatever you provide.

I haven’t forgotten. I got back to school and haven’t had the time to finish it. The only bug is that the plugin only goes through the first 100 results and then stops. Maybe I’ll have the time to play around with it some more in the upcoming weeks