crash...crash...and more crash (& manyspiningb

Exporting and crash…and in the last week is crashing around 6 times every day…when renaming or selecting one file…so many crashes and many times the ball spinnig for long long time when saving…I don’t know…at the begining of DevonThing…was very good and stable and now is a pain the time that takes to save and with small things crashes and does not help deleting preferences, optimize data base,…please, what is going on???
Date/Time:      2004-01-25 16:59:18 +0530
OS Version:     10.3.2 (Build 7D24)
Report Version: 2

This sounds similar to behavior I see in Panther when the OS needs some maintenance.
Try using a utility like C*cktail, Xupport, Panther Cache Cleaner (PCC) or something of that ilk (there are similar free utilities that can be located on Versiontracker or macupdate).
If using PCC (I highly recommend this one) you should clean your system log archives, repair permissions, run maintenance scripts and delete your caches. Reboot.

This routine tends to "work small miracles" for me. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you still experience problems.

I totally agree with milhouse (although I use C*cktail instead of Panther Cache Cleaner, both work well).

OS X definitely needs routine ‘house cleaning’ to keep the operating system running smoothly. Another recommended action when things go wonky is to start up from your OS X CD and run Disk Utility First Aid on your startup volume.

In addition to the above, I run DiskWarrior 3 every couple of weeks to catch any volume or directory errors, and to rebuild/optimize the directory.

I’ve got a large DEVONthink database that is important to me, and that would take literally months of work to recreate.

At least once a day (when I’ve been adding content) I run DEVONthink’s Verify and Repair tool to confirm that the database is sound, and then run the Backup & Optimize tool.

Fairly often (every few days, and before installing a DEVONthink update) I make a backup copy of the DEVONthink database folder. Of course, the best backups are to an external hard drive or a CD.

Partially out of paranoia (and also because this has other uses for me) I keep a running log of all additions (by content name) to my database in a different application – I use CircusPonies NoteBook for this. It only takes a few seconds to copy the name of the DT item and paste it into my notebook as I’m going along.

DEVONthink’s database is among the most stable I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been using Macintoshs for many years and have never lost data because of a hard disk crash  – in fact, I’ve never experienced a drive failure on any Macintosh. But I’ve been burned often enough on Windows machines (that office Dell Dementia ::slight_smile:  was a disaster) to know that bad things can happen at any time. Preparation for disaster doesn’t take much time, and adds peace of mind.

Could you please send us a crash log? It’s impossible to tell what’s going on otherwise. Thanks!

In addition, most crash reports lately were either related to the WebKit (we can’t fix this of course), corrupted fonts or buggy third party extensions (especially contextual menu plugins or APE haxies).