Crash when adding from camera, photo library

The latest 1.2.9 update is crashing when I attempt to add a new global inbox item from photo library or camera. (Crash reports sent.) Quit from multitasking bar, no change. Reset iPhone (4S, iOS 6.1.2), no change.

Delete DTTG from the iPhone and reinstall, no change.

Same here (partially)
In my case: DTTG crashes when I want to insert a photo from my library or camera on my iphone (iphone4, iOS 6.1.2)
On my iPad it works fine (iPad3, iOS 6.1.2). The first time access to the library is asked and next it works.
However, I mainly take shots with my iPhone…

ditto, iPhone 4s, iOS 6.1.2, though I cannot say, if it’s new with v1.2.9 as I hadn’t used the options before.

Hi, Ijust bought DevonThink to Go yesterday and am having this problem as well.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.2
Crashes when trying to add note from camera or photo library. Happens in both portrait and landscape. Crashes every time, as soon as you I press From Photo Library or From Camera. I have 2.1Gb free space. Adding of other types of notes is OK.

On my iPad mini(latest iOS), it works as expected, no crashes so far, although I’ve only used it for a very short time to date.


Got the update to version 1.3 this weekend. Resolved the problem. Thanks!