Dragging the pdf preview from DT to finder crashes both of them :slight_smile: Curiously enough, there is no crash log.
DT 1.6, OS 10.2.6

The story continues…after the crash I noticed that Finder crashed while trying to display a preview of a text file. I repaired the permissions, ran fsck and after all this I was not able to log in. To cut the long story short, I had to do my first reinstall of OS X ever. I think that DT might have crashed because of system error, or vice versa, it doesn’t matter, I had a backup and I might try to reproduce the problem these days.

Maybe there’s a log file inside the folder /Library/Logs?

Was there ever a resolution of the issue raised by this post?  The problem was: DT crashed, and so did the Finder, when a PDF was dragged from DT to the Finer.  The person had to reinstall system 10, a major inconvenience!


Cynthia Cheney ???

An application like DT can’t harm the system or other applications - that’s a problem of the classic Mac OS. Even a crash of DT or the Finder does not affect the rest.

Unfortunately I can’t check the log file in that location for obvious reason :slight_smile:
Cynthia - I suspect that my system was bad in the first place, I don’t think devonThink caused the whole mess - it probably crashed because of corrupted system.
However, I’m hesitant to try what would happen if I try to drag the pdf to finder again. :slight_smile: Christian?

I’ve dragged a lot of PDF documents to the Finder - works as expected :wink: