Crashes when try to empty the trash

I have a problem where Devonthink 2 crashes when I try to delete the trash.

I have three databases and the problem is only in appearing in one of them. However I have 500+ items in this and cant seem to delete the trash from within Devonthink for this database

Peculiarly I have worked out that if I drag each item one by one to another databases trash and then delete from there it seems to work however I got a bit fed up after doing this 50 times.

This applies to most of the documents however 1 or 2 files resolutely refuse to be moved and cause a crash when I try to do this.

Problem solved

Emptying the cache has fixed this problem for me.

I also have this problem - I have two documents (with missing files) that refuse to be moved to another database or be deleted. Each time I try DT crashes. :cry:

This is happening to me, the files in the trash are missing on the drive (already deleted) but are still showing in the trash can. Emptying causes a crash. Emptying the cache does not fix.

I had kept this database in dropbox, up until tonight when I moved it back to my hard drive. It worked fine until about a month ago, now I have constant syncing issues. Most times when I open the database, whatever I did the last time is gone - even if I have only been using one machine. Anyway, I think I probably emptied the trash, and then it came back next time I opened it, except the files were already goneā€¦

Is there some file somewhere I can edit or delete to make Devonthink stop thinking there is something in the trash?

Same here, but emptying cache has not solved the problem for me.

Verifying and repairing the database (over 1,000 inconsistencies and more than 400 orphans) did the trick. Then re-emptied the cache and was able to empty the trash (5488 files). So, I clearly let it get too big, and I will verify and repair more often, as well.