Crashes with Entourage 11.3.2

I just experienced a bad crash with DEVONThink Pro Office beta and the brand new 11.3.2 version of Entourage. I wanted to explore the new email import email feature of DT. It read my Entourage files perfectly. However, I did not important anything. I attempted to exit out of DT, and it hung without closing. I finally had to use force-quit. I tried to switch back to Entourage, which was still running. It had stopped. I also had to force-quit it.

I then tried to reload Entourage and it wouldn’t load at all. I am now going to reboot and try again.

This is ugly. I wonder if it has to do with the new security updates Microsoft included in Office.

Patience is the word with mail import, sometimes it takes a looooooong time (for no apparent reason to me) before one of these mail applications hands over the data. We really try to catch all bad situations and will inform you when something goes wrong and if things go really bad you will get a timeout error. This applies even after you click “Stop”, this has to do with the nature of AppleEvent inter-application communication.

So, having said this, if you find a crash report in Library/Logs/CrashReporter we’d appreciate it if you send it to together with the related entries in the Console (for both DTPO and Entourage in this case).