Crashing during sync

I’ve been happily synching DTTG on my iPad 2 and DevonThink Pro Office for months. This past weekend when I attempt to sync DTTG with DevonThink Pro, the sync completes partially and then DTTG crashes. I’ve restarted my iPad and DevonThink Pro Office with no resolution.

I’m running DTTG 1.2.4 on an iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1, and DevonThink Pro 2.3.2 under OS X 10.7.3.

Any suggestions?

Tom Sidebottom

Try temporarily removing everything in your Mobile Sync group(s) and then syncing. This might narrow whether it’s a document issue that iOS is choking on, or something else. Also, did you reboot the desktop and/or your router – unlikely to be an impact, but there’s the off chance of a transient network/Bonjour issue that’s troubling iOS.

Let us know how that goes :wink:

The crash occurs not when moving files from OS X to iOS, but when moving files from iOS to OS X. I’ve rebooted all machines. There are roughly 40 documents that DTTG is attempting to sync back to my OS X box.



Sorry to jump in, but I have exactly the same problem, and it always occurs when transferring a document that’s roughly 12MB in size.

If I can’t transfer the document, is there not a way to delete the file? I don’t want to just delete everything on the app as I’ll lose all the annotations I’ve just made.



Do you have any indication which document is in the process of being synced when it crashes?

What type of documents are being synced?

Assuming that you’ve synced with iTunes recently, are there any crash logs in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/?

This is also transferring from DEVONthink To Go to your Mac? What type of document is it?

If the document hasn’t been synced before, you should be able to use a swipe-to-delete gesture (similar to to delete only that document.

If that doesn’t work, you’ve run into an unfortunate limitation of our current sync process (we’re working on a new one right now to fix that, amongst other thing).

It’s from DevonThink To Go to my Mac - I’m afraid I can’t swipe to delete it, presumably because I’ve been trying to sync it and it’s crashed…

Do you have any idea how long the new sync process will take to put together?


And unfortunately, off the top of my head I can’t think of a way around this, but I’ll let you know if I do think of something.

Well, I have vague notions, but I’m also reluctant to say too much until it’s done. :slight_smile:

I will say that we want to release the new sync for DEVONthink To Go soon after we officially ship it for DEVONthink.