Crashing problem (DT 1.9.2)

I’m now having a problem with crashes in DT 1.9.2. So far there is only one consistent aspect to it and this it always happens when clicking on the ‘Go to top or enclosing group’ button. I have the ‘Always open new groups in new window’ preference switched off and am drilling up and down throgh the groups by double-clicking and using the above mentioned button. The crash doesn’t happen every time but is certainly happenly regularly. I can’t prove this but it is possible the problem happens after editing an item or undocking DT. I will continue to monitor the problem and let you know if I find out anything more specific.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

As we haven’t heard of similar problems (nor experienced them over here), could you send us a crash log? The logs are usually located in the folder ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter if you’re using Mac OS X 10.3.x. Thank you.

Funny, I just read your post and thought – “Nah, never happenned to me.” Then I switch back to DT, forgetting about your post I hit the little Home icon button for goto top group and I get the spinning beachball and DT crashes 5 seconds later…?
I’ll send the crash log…

Which view did you use before pressing the “Home” button and which view does your home (top level) group use?

I was in vertical split view and my top level group also uses vertical split view. I have the preference set to open groups in same window. Had gone down one level then hit Home button and got crash…

Thank you for the crash log but unfortunately still no success meaning that it has been impossible to reproduce this crash so far. Could you send me a screenshot of the browser window before using Go > Home/Up? Maybe it’s related to the selection and/or a modified toolbar. Thanks in advance.

The crash occurs only if the split views of browser windows contain an edited but unsaved document before using Go > Enclosing/Top Group. Version 1.9.3 will fix this and in the meantime just use “Save” (Cmd-S) before switching to another group.