I’m crashing with regularity, usually when I’m opening/moving a document.

is it just me?

It’s not me. :slight_smile:

If it happens on a number of files, there may be problems with your database, with your operating system or disk directory, or perhaps as a result of conflicts caused by haxies or by plugins installed by another application. First, run Tools > Verify & Repair. If any errors are reported, try running this procedure again, until no errors are reported.

And if you haven’t run those normal OS X maintenance routines lately, run Disk Utilities > Repair Permissions. Then do a Safe boot (a restart while holding down the Shift key). In Safe mode, only Apple startup items can load. And your disk is checked for directory errors and hopefully they are repaired. Launch DT Pro and see if the problem occurs now. If not, restart normally.

If a file in your database is corrupt, DT Pro may be unable to display it and may crash each time one tries to display it in a normal view window, e.g., Vertical Split or the Three-Panes view. Switch to another view such as the List or Columns view, select the offending file and delete it. You will want to make a note about it, so that if possible you can reload a good version of that file.

Hope this helps.

The crashing happens randomly. Most often when I’m opening a file (never the same file). I did do the repair/verify deal, with no problems cited.

I also rebuilt database, thinking that couldn’t hurt.

Strange thing happened with that. When pdf files were re-imported, they came in as miniatures. Unreadable. Why would that be??

If it’s not one thing…!!!

Love the program, by the way,


The problem with the PDFs is that they had been externally linked and the paths (file pointers to where DT Pro expected to find them) are broken. Select a PDF document, open its Info panel and look at the Path field, which shows where DT Pro expected to find the file.

Did you delete the original PDF files or move them to another volume?

Had you imported the PDFs as plain or rich text only (this would leave the PDFs externally linked)? If so, do you have a recent external backup of your database, with the backup made before Rebuild? If not, make a duplicate copy of your current database and try Restore Backup on it, starting with the most recent and (if unsuccessful) moving to older Backup folders.

Crashes should not happen. Please locate your DT Pro crash logs, select them and paste them into a TextEdit file, save and zip that file and attach it to a message to Support, with a description of your problem.

Could you send us a crash log (located in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter)? Then we could check what’s causing the problem. Thank you!