Create a DT markdown in a specific DT sub group via Drafts action using Url Scheme?

Hi all

I have this Drafts action that nicely creates a md file in the inbox


was wondering if anyone has a clue on how to put this in a specific DT subgroup (via UUID?)?
is that even possible?

thx in advance guys


You can specify the UUID of the group via the destination parameter.

thx @cgrunenberg!

is there any documentation or examples on this?



Relative to DEVONthink, yes.
Help > Documentation > Automation > URL Commands.

thx, the documentation is great!

but for some reason its not working for me, i tried this:


but it just pastes the UUID as the .md title in the inbox group. Do i need to quote something or do something else?



There is no destination parameter in your URL scheme. You only have a location parameter.

ahh perfect, i knew you can always count on my stupidity to botch things… :slight_smile:

it now works!

thx a lot!


You’re welcome.

been playing with it and its really fun!

for future reference if anyone wants to see the full URL i use see:


@BLUEFROG and @cgrunenberg, i looked at the DOCU on this so i assume its not possible but ill give it shot: Any chance one can also set the .md files label, ratings and other metadata?

thx again guys


i ended up using smart rules for this, if anyone is interested:


Though still wonder if that’s possible on creation of the file


Why would you set the label hourly?

Hi @chrillek

there is probably a more efficient way of doing so… :slight_smile:

i add items via drafts and the URL scheme (see above posts) but want to label them as TODO. as i cant do this via the URL scheme, i though to add the rule where once an hour if the files in that folder have a missing label add them as TODO . Does that make sense?

would love to hear on more efficient ways to do so :smiley:



Did you try leaving out the “hourly” trigger? You have set “on creation”, and since the record can be created only once, I don’t think that “hourly” makes any sense after the creation (even less so before, of course).
It probably doesn’t do any harm, either. I’m just a stickler for simplicity :wink:

i agree and tried it. But for some reason the on creation didn’t work. Maybe it has to do with the use of drafts and URL Scheme?

will try it again to check



The label parameter is described in the DTTG manual on page 46

label: Sets the item’s label (0-based index or name of the label)

But it isn’t described in the DT manual (or I read over it). Is there a specific reason the label parameter isn’t mentioned @cgrunenberg/@BLUEFROG, or is it just an omission?

Might it indeed not be able to set a label using a URL scheme in DT, a work-around could be to add a specific tag and use a smart rule to add the label when the tag is present.

There is no label parameter for the URL scheme in DEVONthink, hence it’s not documented.

@cgrunenberg would have to decide on implementation.

Surprising. It would make sense to me that the schemes are identical on all platforms as it would enhance the interoperability of DT with DTTG I guess,

Then again, I doubt many people want to set a label with a URL to be honest. But if it’s relatively easy for @cgrunenberg to make them similar, I would suggest to do so.

On iOS the URL schemes are the only option to automate things, on the Mac the URL schemes are more or less limited to what clipping to DEVONthink requires (as there are easier & more powerful automation tools).