Create a Markdown Note

I want to use DTTG to capture notes/ideas/thoughts easily on the go. Currently, to write a note (Markdown format), I need to do the following 5 steps:

  1. Click the + button
  2. Select the Text
  3. Enter Body (and Name, optional)
  4. Click the > button
  5. Click Done if Markdown is selected by default

Is there an easier or shorter way? I just want to open up the editor (Markdown), write and save.

I setup an iOS DEVONthink ShortCut on my iPhone that does this.

Works for me.


Thanks for sharing this shortcut. I tried it but it only create a Markdown Note with a note title without any chance to write any contents.

I believe @rmschne offered it as something you could build on.
For example, you could add a Text action before the action shown.
You could also have DEVONthink To Go open the created file to edit there.

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This shortcut will ask for a title, you hit done, and then it will open the note in DTTG. Hit edit and begin to type.
I’ve prepopulated it with some headings and code backticks but you can customize it to your liking.
I thought I’d put this here just to contribute something after getting lots of help from this forum.


Besides new to DTTG, I am new to iOS Shortcuts. @SlickSlack Thanks for the shortcut. It sets me up with a Quick Note that I can use immediately.

@BLUEFROG I would sure like to explore the Text action before the Create action. Thanks for the suggestion.


I use @rmschne shortcut for very quick note. Just a few words or a sentence that I key in the title. So, I don’t open the note to edit. Saving a few keystrokes here.

I use @SlickSlack shortcut for notes that I need to write longer. That is, note that I will open to edit.

For note created by @rmschne shortcut that has only just the Title, without body, when it is synced to DT, I cannot edit/download it. But it can be opened to edit in DTTG.
Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 4.46.09 PM

For note that I create using DTTG using:

  1. Click the + button
  2. Select the Text
  3. Enter Name (instead of Body, leaving Body empty)
  4. Click the > button
  5. Click Done if Markdown is selected by default

When the note is synced to DT, it is a normal Markdown file (with empty body/content) that can be edited.

Why does it behave differently? Did I do something wrong with the shortcut.

Humm. You are right. I’m seeing the same thing about “File Not Yet Available”. Even after making sure the sync completes with all three sync locations (Bonjour, Webdav on local NAS, and iCloud) and indexing is complete.

Thinking back, my “muscle memory” with that shortcut is to go into DEVONthink ToGo and edit the note with the thoughts. Those items indeed get across to DEVONthink on a subsequent sync.

I don’t know why that is how it works. I guess DEVONthink and/or DEVONthink ToGo needs some content. Before edits it is a “zero bye” item. Frankly, never noticed. Muscle memory sometimes dangerous.

Thanks for spotting and reporting!

I do like @SlickSlack’s ShortCut. Maybe best to forget mine and use that one!!

I did some testings. Found out that notes created using DTTG has an empty line in it. I did the same thing with @rmschne shortcut. That solves the problem. :grinning:


Nice catch and workaround :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: