Create a Plugin with complex URL

How can I turn this URL[Search Term]&type=artist&limit=25&method=indexed into a Plugin?

If I just use the ([Search Term] portion I am directed to the search page and not the results. Is there a Token I can insert?

Does this work as expected… (777 Bytes)

Hi and thanks for getting back so quickly. When I run the search directly through the web site I get the results seen in the screenshot.

However when I run your script I get a results set that includes everything but a link to the results summation screen included above. I also get a lot of results in every language but English.

When I run this basic search from DA "EngineUrl" : "", I also get similar results leaving me a little baffled.

You’re welcome.

You do’t say what you’re specifically searching for.
Also, DEVONagent filters the returned results. (That’s part of the point of the application.)

Sorry about that. Typically I’m running a search set that queries a number of academic and non academic music related search engines when researching for writing an article.

I am searching for an artist each time I’m searching. For example if I search for Elvis Presley I would expect the results as per the above results example.

Once the result set is returned I can manually click on the first result and begin researching. I would love for it to return the first result landing page but that a pie in the sky expectation.