Create a search synonym?

Today i tried to find my note “Filesystem Analysis”.

I knew it was tagged resources so I searched for “file tags:resources”, but didn’t find it.

I then went another way (via my group structure) and could locate it. That’s when I realised: The search didn’t bring up the note, because in the note I had written “Filesystem”, not “File system”.

Therefore my question: Is it possible to set once and for all “File system” as a synonym for “Filesystem”?

That’s not possible but you could search for file-system instead which accepts & finds both of them. Works also for e.g. e-mail.

file* tags:resources” would have worked for both filesystem and file system too.

Yes, but I did’t think of the two alternatives - and without the tags: part it would’ve worked (because of the implicit * at the end of file).

Not exactly what I like, but certainly good to know. :slight_smile: