Create a Web Site Using DEVONthink Pro!

In order to demonstrate the HTML export capabilities of DEVONthink Pro, I’ve posted a conversion of the DEVONthink Pro Tutorial Database at this URL: … 20Pro.html

The conversion from database to Web site took only seconds. The Web site runs about 4.7 MB (about the same size as the database), so it took longer to upload than to generate.

How did I do it? Simply by (in Vertical Split view) selecting all the items in the left column, then selecting File > Export > as Web site and sending the material to a target folder created for that purpose.

The “glue” that holds the Tutorial Database together is hyperlinking. When exporting as a Web site, DEVONthink Pro honors both static links and Wiki links. So the same “glue” holds together and organizes the Web site.

Of course, you don’t have to export an entire database as a Web site. You can assemble any set of documents and files you wish (perhaps in a new group containing replicates of your original documents), “organize” the flow from page to page using static links and/or Wiki links, then create your Web site. The Tutorial Database is itself a good illustration of what you can do with DT Pro.

Just another example of what can be done with DEVONthink Pro! :slight_smile: Think of all the possibilities. (But don’t get into copyright infringement trouble.)

Note: I don’t want to make Apple mad at me, so if there’s a lot of bandwidth demand I’ll just keep this Web URL up on my .Mac account for a limited time.