Create file in indexed folder to be accessible in

I can make files in an indexed database, but they do not sync to the actual folder (accessible in Is there a way to create a file in an indexed database and have it synced to the actual folder to be accessible in

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If the document is within an Indexed group, Control-click on it and choose the contextual menu option, Move to External Folder. The item will be removed from the database to the external folder in the Finder, then Indexed back to the database.

Awesome, thanks! So I’m guessing I could probably make/find an AppleScript that will automate this?

Use the deconsolidate command in AS.

Please see this thread

As Greg mentions in the referenced thread, it is now easier to use Move to External Folder than the triggered script I wrote a long time ago, because triggered scripts are not truly unattended. But you could make the script syntax changes Greg describes if you really want to update the script for 2.7.x

And just my two cents… I still do use a triggered script with a deconsolidate command. :slight_smile: