Create Formatted note outside DEVONthink

Hi guys,
Recently, I am using macOS shortcuts to generate formatted note and put it into the inbox, I find the default format was html note. that works fine on MacBook, but when comes to iPhone, DEVONthink to go, the note can not be edited.
I compared the source code of html note I put into inbox and the one converted to formatted note, totally same. I think it’s not about the content but something else I don’t know.

So, I am confused. Does anyone know where I am lost, or anyone can come up a better way to do that?


Welcome @Alwyn

Please provide more information, e.g., a link to your shortcut. I have increased your user level so you should be able to provide a link.

Also, why are you generating a formatted note? Just curious.

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Hi, thank you!
it still says I don’t have the permission to have a link in my post. the shortcuts id is:9a3e84a8731148288fb2cafdb88d0048.
The reason I generate a formatted note is it can contains an image and I can edit it on my iPhone. If it doesn’t work, I may also try markdown and rtf.

You’re welcome.
Try logging out of the forum then back in.

Sorry, it doesn’t work. It still shows:
“An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”
Never mind. If I create an html file and put it into inbox, then it will be html note. I wonder how could I create a file and DT will recgonize it as a formatted note?