"Create item" shortcut does not seem to be able to communicate with DTTG

I am trying to use DEVONthink To Go’s “Create Item” shortcut in the iOS / ipadOS Shortcuts app, and it does not seem to be able to communicate with DTTG. The shortcut accepts three parameters, one of which is the group that the new item is supposed to be created in. When I click on this parameter in the editor, a selection dialog with a search bar pops up but displays the message “Die Kommunikation mit der App ist nicht möglich” and I can’t select / search anything.

Is this a problem with my setup or an issue with DDTG?

Do you have an extreme number of groups or tags in your databases, Or do you have, maybe, protected DEVONthink To Go with a PIN or biometric security and set it to lock immediately?

Thanks for the quick reply. It turned out the problem was that I was offline at the time I edited the shortcut; as soon as I connect to a wifi network, all dialogs work as intended.

That shouldn’t make a difference but who knows exactly what drives the inner clockworks of Shortcuts :slight_smile: Great that it’s solved now.