Create link in RTF for embedded PDF

I often embed a small PDF in the text of a RTF document instead of leaving it as a separate PDF and using a link to it in the text. The concept is to keep a consistent formatting of links in the text of the RTF document.

My suggestion is to have an option to convert the PDF to a link style without the PDF icon and with the ability to select font and size like any other link.

That’s already possible. Hold Command-Option when you drag it in.

Thanks BLUEFROG, I do that often with files, bookmarks, URLs, etc. stored elsewhere on my computer.

My request is for when a file is stored within DTPO, but not as a separate DTPO document.

I’m not sure I follow you here. I was referring to Command-Option dragging a file in DTPO into an RTF in DTPO.

Thanks again BLUEFROG. I also do that if, in this example a PDF, is a separately-listed DTPO document. Delete that document and the link no longer works.

I just drag a document, in this example a PDF, into a DTPO RTF. The PDF is not separately-listed in DTPO, but is viewable in its entirety (in Adobe Reader, Preview, etc.).

Correct. This is controlled by a preference (and happens in TextEdit as well).

Neat! I was not aware of that ability to view PDFs within a RTF document.

But back to my request. I simply want to change the standard icon and descriptive text to my choice of text content, size, color, etc., and delete the icon. Same appearance capability as a regular link and for any embedded file like a bookmark, URL, font, zip, etc., not just a PDF.

Again, I’m not following. This is a PDF in DTPO Command-Option dragged into an RTF file…

No icon and a link just like any other link. What am I missing?

It’s not attached, only linked.

The OP is not looking to make a link to an external file – they want to drag a PDF into an RTF (making it an RTFD) and be able to (a) modify the look and feel of that placeholder’s font etc., and (b) not show the typical file icon when we drag files into RTFDs. It’s a feature request, not a how-to request.

Look at their original post and the images. Try it yourself: drag a PDF into an RTF and see how that appears in the RTFD – they want to change the appearance as requested, above.

Files can be embedded in a rich text note. I was entranced by that when I started working with DEVONthink, about 15 years ago.

But I found that those embedded files were less useful to me than when they were stored individually in a database. DEVONthink searches of document content don’t return embedded documents, which was a major problem for me. That means that the information content of embedded documents is not integrated into the database. I quit using embedding as a substitute for individually stored documents.

Linking to other database documents within rich text notes is, however, a wonderfully powerful tool. I usually do that by copy/paste of a document’s Item Link into a rich text note. The result is that the document’s Name is included as a clickable link to the referenced document – and that Name is part of the searchable text of the note.

Korm, that is exactly the request – for a new feature.

And Bill, that is precisely why the embed – usually but not always. I only want the title or my choice of words in the link to be searchable, especially if it is not a PDF. For full PDF searchability then I also will make it a separate DTPO document and create a link to it in the RTF.

Thanks gentlemen. Enjoy Thanksgiving.