Create links within markdown document

I would like to create a table of contents at the beginning of a markdown document that links to headings further down in the same document. I have it working for one word headings, but not multiple word headings:

# My Doc
- [Planning](#planning)
- [Meeting Notes](#meeting-notes)

## Planning
Some planning notes

## Meeting Notes
Some meeting notes

Clicking on the Planning link jumps to the Planning heading, but I don’t have the Meeting Notes link working. Do I have something wrong with my syntax?

What about {{TOC}}?

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I’m afraid I don’t know what {{TOC}} is or how to apply it to the above example

It’s the syntax to create a table of contents from the section headers in a document.

PS: The id is concatenated for the section header, which is visible if you convert the document to HTML…

<h2 id="meetingnotes">Meeting Notes</h2>

However, the {{TOC}} takes care of these details for you.

It’s explained in more detail in the MultiMarkdown user guide:


Thanks to both of you - very helpful