Create my own template?

Hi all. I am new to DevonThink, and am wondering if I can use it to take research notes in a way similar to how I used FileMaker Pro in the past. If not, I’d love feedback on how I might shift my process to accomplish the same ends with DTP.

What I did with FM was make an input form that I used to enter standard info for each book/article that I read (e.g., Title, Author, Themes, Category, Notes, Research Implications, Related Sources). The form helped to standardize my input and it kept me focused as I read.

In DTP, the Notes interface is quite formless. I see that there are templates, but I’m not finding any documentation on how to create my own template, which I am assuming is the way that I’d set up this kind of form in DTP.

Is there a way to design your own template, in Pages or Word, and then to easily call it up whenever I want to take notes? Or to design a customized Note setup that would let me enter notes in this way?


Simple (not smart) templates of DEVONthink are just templates for new documents, they’re not templates for forms like in FileMaker.

To create a template similar to a form, create a rich text document containing a table with the desired fields/columns and export it via File > Export > as Template…

Thank you. That’s just the info I needed.