Create new folder in the Destination window

Using the script or the pdf-print option to place material into DT Pro, I often find myself stymied when the Choose a Destination window comes up.

Reason: The already-created groups may not what I wish to use. Can we have the option to make a new group at this juncture?

This is something of a problem in my default database, because I often realize that data belongs in a new subgroup of a main topic. But it’s a frequent problem in newer databases, where I don’t realize the groups I need until I am collecting material.

I know I could put everything in Incoming and deal with it later, but Incoming tends to fill up with items never sorted. I prefer to place things as they come in.

Hence my hope for that new folder'' ornew group’’ choice.


The Automator actions make this very easy to do, and they may also work for PDF printing. Check out the “Set Current Group” action.

Will do. Thanks! (Though I have to say I have found Automator to be a complete mystery. I guess I was expecting a Record type of feature, where I would perform actions once and then the Mac would do the sequence. Automator instead seems to be a set of building blocks you can string together. Since I don’t understand the blocks, this is a bit of a predicament.)

Now I have more incentive to try, though.


You could compare it to the record feature but then the other way around: you determine what you want to do repeatedly and then click the blocks together that will achieve your goal…

When you click on an action it will describe in detail what it does in the lower left pane of an Automator window (at least for our actions we tried to make the descriptions very useful). Also, search MacCentral for some intro articles for Automator.

Good luck!

OK, I tried this. I created an Automator sequence consisting of one action – Set Current Group’'. It looks promising.

But now what do I do with it? Should it be saved as a plug in''? Or a workflow’'? Does it need to be assigned to DT or the Finder? Or maybe Safari?

I tried saving it as a plug-in for the Finder, but then when I did the ``Save to DT’’ sequence in the Print dialogue, I couldn’t find my new Automated action anywhere.

Any pointers? Thanks!

Got this figured out, but it still doesn’t quite work. I added the action to the pre-existing Print workflow, and named it something recognizable. OK, so now I have the option of choosing this instead of the already existing ``Save to DT’’ choice. The difference is that the new Automator action gives me the choice to create a new group. That was my request above.

And . . . it does indeed let me create a new group. However, it doesn’t place my new-made file there. I’m left looking at the empty space that is my new-made group, with zero contents. So if I want to create new groups as I collect material, I’ll have to Print once (to create) and then Print again (to place the material). Kinda awkward. Am I missing something?


If you only have one action in there, sure nothing will happen. What would you do if you had to do it manually:

  1. Create my group.
  2. Take the file and drag it into the new group.

How does this translate to Automator?

  1. Set Current Group
  2. Add Item to Current Group.

Now you have instructed Automator to do something with the incoming files.

Did you read our documentation that describes the steps in the example workflows? I think that might help you as well. You can find it in the online help document.

Good luck!

Very well explained! Thanks!


And it worked perfectly. Thanks again.