Create new item with tags based on List (DTTG 3.8.1)

Shortcuts support for DTTG is great! I’m often creating new items where I have a List of tags that I want to use when creating the item. The shortcuts action only seems to allow individual tags (in contrast: the URL actions can take a comma-separated list).

I thought this was possible as @BLUEFROG has answered this exact question here: List of feature requests for iOS (and future macOS) Shortcut actions - #8 by Igor_B - but this currently does not work for me (I’ve opened/closed the app also between test to see if it was a temporary communication error):

Other things I’ve tried:

  • Adding a ‘tag’ in the “Create item” with comma’s - but when inputting foo, bar it creates a tag foo; bar (as a single tag). So it seems to do some processing, but not anything that splits up tags e.g.
  • Tried to input a tag as "foo", "bar" but then the Shortcuts action also fails.
  • Tried to change the variable type for the list to e.g. Dictionary; this obviously fails too (Shortcuts can’t convert a List into a Dictionary). There is no List variable type as a List is just of type Text

It seems behavior with DTTG3.8.1 for this Shortcut action changed. Would it still be possible to allow tags to be inputted as a list? Or is there some workaround that I could use?

No, there is no workaround at this time.
Development will have to assess this.

Thanks @BLUEFROG; hopefully @eboehnisch and @aedwards can add this to the backlog!

You’re welcome.
I filed an issue on it. All the other properties in that Shortcut action are working as expected.

Yes they are working fine! Additionally I already mentioned that it would be great if also Annotations could be made available as a field Make “Annotation” available in DT items in Shortcuts - #4 by mdbraber (while they’re investigation fields anyway ;-))

Have a nice Easter-weekend!

You too.