Create new smaller database as subset of larger one

I started out with 1 large database. I have created individual databases for subsets of the data in my overall database. I would like to be able to either duplicate, replicate, or at least copy records in the large database to the individual subset database.

Example: In the large database I have folders and records for both Medical records and Tax records. I have created new Databases for each, Medical and Taxes. How can I maintain the integrity of the master database and “copy”, duplicate or replicate the individual records into the corresponding specialty database.

In addition, when new information is to be added, how can I add the record to both the old Master database as well as the specialty database?

  1. You can’t replicate across databases.

  2. You can Control-click > Duplicate to on items in one database to duplicate to another.

  3. You could create smart rules to duplicate files to other databases. Check out Help > Documentation > Windows > Sidebar: Navigate > Smart Rules and Automation > Smart Rules for more information on them.