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I’ve been going through the instructions on setting up my iPhone as a client to my MacBook Pro server, but the iPhone is not seeing the server when going into the Edit Locations on my iPhone. It sees my printer on my local WiFi network but not my MacBook Pro. What might I be missing?

In Bonjour turned on in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync? Check out the Bonjour Sync tutorial posted here: … rials.html

Bonjour is on (all incoming connections). That link is the very instructions I had followed.

Is your phone (or the MacBook) connected to a guest network on your router? Some guest network configurations do not support Bonjour connections to computers on the network.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t selected iPhone.dtCloud. I did earlier, but I had it stored in my Documents folder. It was over 8GB. Since I index my files, I’m not sure why it would be so large. I’m recreating it now.

I’m on our only wi-fi network…not a guest.
I just selected iPhone.dtCloud in the locations and also selected one of my Local database. Still, DTTG is not seeing my Mac as a server.

I do have another Airport Extreme in line with my Network as an extended, but I can’t see how that should affect it as the Network is one.

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

Just connected both devices to a network at my workplace. Still no go. I see my Local databases selected but nothing showing up for Remote. I’ll open a ticket. Thanks.