create new window when opening/switching database

As mentioned in other threads, I’ve been having trouble opening database windows with preferred sizes/locations in DTPO 2.0. The purpose of this new topic is to collect some of my earlier comments about the issues (sorry for the redundancy), add some additional thoughts, and make a few suggestions.

I suggest that invoking New Window in the sidebar open a new window for a selected database (under both OPEN DATABASES and RECENT DATABASES) instead of unconditionally opening one at the same size/location as the current one with the current database. It’s counter-intuitive when the context menu command doesn’t apply to the selected db. It ought to be more context-sensitive, like in Finder’s sidebar.

There’s also a bug:

• Make global Inbox window be the only one open, and have another database open without any open windows
• Right-Click the db name under OPEN DATABASES in the sidebar and choose New Window
• A new window for global Inbox opens with the same size/location as the previous one, with Inbox selected in the sidebar
• Close the new window (Command-W)
• The original window reappears with the earlier db name under OPEN DATABASES selected, but the main window pane incorrectly displays content for the global Inbox

Problem is Right-Click on the db name only displays the context menu without actually switching to the db in the current window. [Edit: There are other ways to reproduce that]

Those are examples of why I’d said:

Notice how the context menu for Finder’s sidebar is only active when a specific item is chosen.



If nothing more, that boils down to one simple request:

• Add a method for opening/switching a database that’ll unconditionally create a new window in a previous, predictable size/location instead of reusing the current window.

I think my first suggestion for New Window in the sidebar context menu operating on the selected db would be one way of doing that.

In general, any other ways you can come up with to have better control over when a window is reused or not would be appreciated. Thanks!

Brief update on this topic, probably only for my own sake/sanity. :slight_smile:

I’ve opened a ticket reporting the bug, plus the suggestion before it, from the original post.

The new vs. reused window inconsistencies mentioned here and elsewhere can hopefully be resolved by fixing the bug in the ticket I opened earlier.