Create PDF (paginated) failes

Hi, I’d like very much to use the bookmarklets but whenever I try to generate a pdf a blank page shows up in DT. :frowning: I’m using Firefox 3.5.

Any idea what the reason could be for this ‘misbehaviour’?

thanks W.

(Slaps hand) No! I won’t show disrespect for Firefox. :slight_smile:

When I drag the Paginated page PDF bookmarklet into the bookmarks bar of Firefox 3.0.11, the name of the bookmarklet is changed to a long string beginning with 'javascript location…". But at least the bookmarklet works, creating a paginated PDF in a DT Pro Office 2 database.

In Safari each bookmarklet retains its proper name, and the one to produce paginated PDFs always works.

I re-dragged the bookmarklets the bookmarksbar but still the same result - blank pages. Could there be anything wrong with the prefs etc. since I’ve been using DT since the 1. beta of 2.0 and always updated the previous version. or do you have any other idea what could cause that glitch?

thanks W.

apart from that - great app

Do the other bookmarklets work as expected? Have you tried with the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet?

I have the same problem and it is not restricted to the “Add PDF to DT” script. The same error also occurs with the other two scripts (Add Link and Add Web Doc). I had been using Firefox 3.5 beta’s with no problems and this issue has only recently emerged. Not sure if it was due to the final release of Firefox 3.5 or with 3.5.1 or 2 or with a recent update of DT 2.x. Either way the scripts no longer work. I opened them up in Script Editor but don’t know enough to mess around with. I’m not sure about others but this is pretty key to my workflow and hope a solution is forthcoming.

D. Adama

There must be some differences in the software environments on our computers, as I updated Firefox to 3.5.2 to check the performance of the three scripts, Add link to DEVONthink, Add PDF document to DEVONthink and Add web document to DEVONthink.

All three scripts worked on my computer to capture new content to my database. I’m running DT Pro Office 2.0 pb6 under OS X 10.5.8 on a ModBook (a custom Mac tablet based on a MacBook).

[rant]In an earlier post in this thread I said I would refrain from showing disrespect for Firefox. But my experience during that test, even though it was successful, reminds me that I consider Firefox absolutely horrible as a browser when my purpose is to capture Web content. Those scripts seem ridiculously slow and clumsy in performance compared to the techniques I use in DEVONagent, the built-in browser in DEVONthink, and Safari. Using Firefox for data captures felt like hitting my head with a hammer; painful, and something I don’t want to do again.

I spend hours every day pulling down new content from journals, governmental agencies and other sources. I’ll often add more than a hundred new items per day. Most of the time I don’t want to capture all the content on a Web page, as there is usually irrelevant material on the page that reduces the focus of searches and See Also for the information content that I really want to capture.

In order to capture the ‘real’ information content on a page my preferred capture modes are rich text or a WebArchive of only a selected portion of the page. Those two capture modes are available in Safari, DEVONagent and the DEVONagent browser – but both are impossible in Firefox, which is unaware of the existence of Services, and doesn’t allow rich text clippings.

DEVONagent and the DEVONthink browser provide not only the DEVONthink OS X Services capture modes and keyboard shortcuts available in Safari, but also menu and contextual menu options that provide a wider range of choices, and that are fast.

If I want to capture a page as PDF (paginated or unpaginated) or as a WebArchive the capture is immediate from DEVONagent or the DEVONthink browser. If I try that from Firefox using a script there is a pause, during which I can’t do anything in my database. That’s because the script has to re-download the page, then process the WebArchive or PDF document. I don’t have time for that.

Yes, there are many good things to say about Firefox, and it has some useful add-ons. But when my purpose in browsing the Web is to capture information to a DEVONthink database, I have nothing good to say about Firefox. :slight_smile:

D. Adama might want to test under a generic account (e.g. temporarily enable Guest) to help determine if the differences (s)he’s encountering are user-specific or system-wide.