Create Table of Contents from Header Information in PDFs?

I am trying and failing to generate a Markdown table of contents from the PDF version of Take Control of DEVONthink. DEVONthink does recognize the PDF as having a table of contents, but Tools -> Create Table of Contents -> as Markdown is grayed out and unresponsive. What am I doing wrong?


Perhaps that works only for MD? A TOC would link to the relevant parts of the same document.

See documentation:

In your case, it would just be a table of content :wink:

Now I get what that tool does. Thank you.

Short of writing AppleScript, how would I best use DEVONthink to export the annotations on a PDF such that they are organized under headings that follow the structure of the PDF? The current Tools -> Summarize Annotations -> as Markdown is quite handy. It would be even handier (for me) if the exported annotations were organized under the same headings as the chapters, sections, etc., of the original document.

Thanks again!

In my defense, some of the terminology around documentation management is a mite overloaded. :wink:

Summarized annotations are already provided in the order of their appearance in the document. Puting those under chapters, sections, etc. is not a feature of the command at this time. First request I recall. Noted, with no promises.

That’s fair. Since I sometimes discover DEVONthink has functionality that I did not anticipate, I figured it was worth asking to check that I hadn’t overlooked something.

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It’s a definite No, if you don’t ask :smiley: