Create table of contents menu item

With a well indexed file system this menu option is really useful to quickly create a single rtf page for navigating a particular file set in a window using the tab changing key with the ability to reference the index if required. Thanks heaps :smiley:

Uhm… I’m a bit lost. :blush:

Could you maybe give an example of what you mean? Sounds interesting…

I’m not certain of how the OP uses this, but here is my take on it as I have found this feature to be quite useful. In DEVONthink Pro (Office) 2.7.6, you now have the ability to select a group of documents and create a RTF document TOC with links to the respective documents. I believe the primary intent of this feature was to allow the user to create a web site with links to the documents.

However, I’m finding it useful to quickly create a TOC of documents pertaining to a project where I can then open the TOC, and right-click on a link to a) open it in a new tab, or b) select Quick Look Attachment to preview the document. Pretty slick feature IMO.

Wow! This is going to be so useful, thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

Was wondering that too – use it as well, but OP’s reference to the “tab changing key” had me scratching my head… :question:

Was wondering that too – use it as well, but OP’s reference to the “tab changing key” had me scratching my head… :question:
Mmmm…yes, what is that?

Apologies for the lack of clarity.

Greg Jones usage is closest. I open the rtf with TOC in a new maximised screen. Then command click each item so the TOC and all documents in the TOC are in tabs.Then I go between the tabs as required using the command + [ or command + ] keys.

The value of this to me is I work with the electronic form of paper in separate volumes of items subdivided into sections. Groups and file names in DT are named to reflect this arrangement . Each volume is a group that I want to navigate around quickly. This is essential for my work in the courtroom. With each volume having a TOC and tabs as above having its own rtf page that makes navigation easier over multiple volumes in full screen and cycling between rtf windows for each volume using command +`. The first tab with TOC can always be resorted to if the number of tabs i.e. files referenced in TOC is large and tabbing is too slow.

The TOC menu option now makes establishing the workflow quicker.

As an aside. I received yesterday a composite pdf of around 60MB with parts I wanted to subdivide. I wanted to break it up then group into files and then have each group its own TOC. With the “split pdf” function, file renaming using command+control+I , and TOC function I can get a large file into working shape in no time at all. Which is great because I like to work on documents not with them.

Cheers DT.

It helpful to mention a feature of the Table of Contents command that extends its power – although the feature is just a standard aspect of working with DEVONthink. The Table of Contents command applies to any selection of documents, regardless of where the selection is displayed. Here’s a couple of cases:

  1. Select several groups in the groups panel of 3-pane view in an database. The file panel will show all of the documents across all of those groups in one concatenated list. Then select any of those (using command-click to make discontiguous selections) and run the Table of Contents command. You will get the Table of Contents command just for that selection. In other words – the selection and the Table of Contents will cross group boundaries in a database.

  2. Run a Search for anything. Make a selection of the search results. Run the Table of Contents command. As you would guess you will now have a Contents document for that subset of your search results. In this case — the selection and Table of Contents will cross database boundaries.

A bit of a downside … the document is always named Table of Contents, and you sometimes need to dig around to figure out where DEVONthink stuffed it when you are doing multi-group or Search panel Tables of Contents. I would like to see a small enhancement to prompt us for the name and destination of the document.

BTW, in 2006 (I’ve been here too long) there was something called DEVONAcademy with example scripts. The current Table of Contents command is a descendant of an old DEVONAcademy Script named “Create Index for Selected Items”. There have been numerous related examples posted in the forum over the years – so if you want to customize the Table of Contents feature it is possible. I’ve been using versions tailored to my work for a long time.

Thanks Korm those ideas (1 and 2 ) are very helpful to me.

As for scripting. Im yet to venture into that world but you are sorely tempting me.

Thanks to John and Korm for stepping slowly through the details here. This is really a helpful tip for use in full screen researching a bundle of documents. Great stuff.

Much like John I have often to have up to eight or more documents open at once to refer to. Rather than tabbing between documents as John does I like to take advantage of spaces to lay the documents out, 2 to a space, and then use a four finger swipe to slide between spaces

three spaces.jpg

If you use a tool like bettertouchtool its easy to have a keystroke to snap a window to half screen or you can cascade the keystrokes (thanks to korm for the idea) in bettertouchtool or keyboard maestro. So with one keystroke I can snap a window to the left or right and then with a second move the window to the right (or left) hand space and then move back to the space I was working ready to move more windows.