Created date in templates

I’m experimenting with templates, which are new to me, and I tried putting in the placeholder %recordCreationYear% but I notice that it does not actually result in the creation year being put in the new file that is created by the template. The placeholder remains “as it was”. I assume that this is because the file is created before DEVONthink can “know” what the creation date is, therefore the information is not available. Or have I missed something very obvious?


Record-specific placeholders do not work in templates as there’s no record yet. However, the placeholder %year% should work.

OK, that’s what I thought. Thanks for that.

I’ve got my first template working now, thanks.

What purpose is served by the record-specific placeholders? Are they intended for use in scripts? I’m not sure I’ve seen an explanation in the documentation, but it is extensive, so I’ve probably just missed it.


They’re used by batch processing, smart rules & imprinting.

Great, that’s very useful. Thank you.